Submission Criteria

In order to qualify for submission as well as give yourself the best chance for making the list of finalists, our judges will be assessing submitted entries based on several of the following criteria:

  • Subject material of photography must be within Australia: this is a showcase of Australia and Australia only; no shots of overseas locations will be accepted for submissions
  • Uniqueness: presenting an angle, colour combination, iconic or underrated site from a different perspective that has not been replicated before will be highly regarded
  • Human element: imagery that contains people in conjunction with the subject matter, e.g: interacting with environments, animals, landscapes etc. will be highly regarded
  • No alteration: aim to keep filters, overlays, colour adjustments and any other manipulation to an absolute minimum
  • Storytelling & emotion: does the image capture a specific mood, attitude or emotion that is inspiring or otherwise exceptional? Does it tell a captivating story without words?