About these Awards

While travel is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying activities one can embark on, by its very nature travel is both temporal and fleeting. As a result, images and footage of the various components which make travel so incredible – its landscapes, its nature, its rolling oceans, its animal inhabitants, its breathtaking buildings and more – are invaluable in renewing the increidble memories we have made, and encouraging others to share such experiences themselves.

The Australian Travel Photography Awards, created as a joint venture between Experience Oz and Ted’s Cameras is a celebration of the blend of two major things: these travels, and the spectacular country which we call home. As a rare continent-country, Australia contains innumerable types of amazing geography and activities, with experiences to be had which are as diverse as the people who inhabit its shores.

9 categories are available for entry, spanning the entire scope of the travel spectrum from the man-made and natural highlights, to those we share them with. Award submissions are open to any Australian who has ability with a camera.

Entrants are permitted to submit ONE ENTRY PER CATEGORY, so please select your submissions carefully.

All copyright ownership remains with the photographer, however we reserve the right to display your work for promotion accompanied by appropriate credit.

Our judges are travel and photography industry experts who will be selecting finalists based on several criteria, which you may view by clicking here.

About Experience Oz

Experience Oz is the largest website for travel experiences and all major “things to do” in Australia and New Zealand including over 3,000 tours, attractions and activities, while also providing detailed and comprehensive travel guides and content.

A reputable source for bookings and advice in the travel industry for over a decade, Experience Oz aims to showcase the amazing diversity of both Australia and New Zealand by offering a single, comprehensive website for locals and those abroad to book the best tours, attractions and activities in both countries.

Their catalogue of travel experiences covers over 50 different regions in both Australia and New Zealand, with new experiences being added weekly. From famous major tourist hubs to smaller, lesser-known regional destinations, there are thousands of experiences to choose from in both Oz & NZ.

About Ted's Cameras

Ted's Cameras Logo

Ted’s Cameras is Australia’s largest chain of retail photography equipment stores, with over 20 stores in locations Australia-wide. Ted’s has always been first to bring new technology to the Australian market. Back in the 1970’s, they introduced Australia to the first SLR with a built-in light meter.

In the 1980’s they introduced the country to the first video cameras and in 1994 they were the first to bring you the digital camera. Today, they are introducing the new 4/3rds format compact SLR style cameras that are destined to revolutionize picture taking. When you buy a camera from Ted’s, you can be sure you’re choosing from a range that includes the latest and greatest the world has to offer.

Back in 1970 when Ted opened the doors of his first camera shop, Polaroid was still making news with instant cameras that featured self-developing film. Over the years they have seen a lot of technology come and go. But one thing has remained constant, Ted’s commitment to bring you the best – the best cameras and accessories from around the world, the best range possible and the best service and knowledge. It’s an on-going commitment that has seen Ted’s become the place where Australia shops for cameras.